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The team at Piercy&Company consists of 94 architects, designers, researchers and a communications team working within a studio space we designed to support our passion for materials, form, technology and craft. We are designing projects at all scales in some of the most historic and sensitive locations in the UK. From furniture commissions and private homes to collaborating with international businesses and fashion brands on their London headquarters, all projects have the same level of intimacy, research and consideration.

Our architecture emerges out of a passion for context - historic, environmental, cultural and economic. We believe that cities are continuously evolving and that buildings need to be adaptable to economic, technological and behavioral change. Regardless of type, architecture has the potential to improve the relationship with not only the fabric of the city but also the community that inhabits it. We believe in rediscovering the civic role of commercial architecture, buildings which are less defensive and more generous both in expression and spirit.

We are inspired by over 100 years of abstraction in contemporary art and sculpture, experimenting with form and materials to challenge the traditional notion of context and harmony. We are fascinated by junctions, how one material meets another, whether between building and ground or how a delicate chair leg lightly touches the floor. Through this obsessive refinement of detail and visceral joy of making we hope to make our work more human.

Designing through the physical process of making has always been central to the studio's philosophy. We create new forms using traditional techniques; and we explore familiar forms in experimental materials. Buildings today are designed almost exclusively within a digital environment. This can lead to a dehumanising remoteness from the sensory qualities of materials, weight, texture, smell. We believe design should not only look good but feel good. Provenance is critical to our process and the ethical sourcing of materials and the components of our work.

Stuart Piercy – founder and director

“This level of haptic sensibility and appreciation is precisely why their buildings feel robust in form, tactile in texture, rich in detail, generous in spirit - they are sculptural, exciting and memorable.” Hugo MacDonald

“We have been pleased to find that in addition to being excellent designers, they are also highly skilled in technical aspects of the project and are true collaborators alongside our contractors, vendors and their peer consultants.” Robert Champagne, CHANEL


Design house
Working from a combined workshop and studio in London, our interdisciplinary team of architects, designers, makers, and researchers work together to develop solutions for our clients and new approaches to design. Collaborations with specialists and partnerships with academics, universities, engineers and ambitious clients provide our studio with endless energy, inspiration and optimism for the future.

Concrete to cutlery
Every aspect of design can provoke memories, experiences and change, so we use the same approach to work at every scale and ask the same questions about an object as a building. Who will use this? How does it function? How does it feel? Whilst the process is always consistent, the results are unique to the contexts and conditions in which our projects exist.

Framed and found
Our projects are grounded by their context, finding and framing form, narrative and function within each site and its surroundings. We work in response to each site’s particular history, landscape, environment, and community, layering this with our understanding of human behaviours, client ambitions, and anticipation of future change.

Our approach affords all projects the same level of intimacy, research, and consideration, resulting in resilient and authentic buildings and spaces, regardless of scale, location or environment. In this way, sustainability is embedded in our approach. Responding to economic, behavioural and technological change, we ensure our human-centred ideas can thrive in their ever-changing broader context.

Poetic and pragmatic
We create places and objects with a visceral connection to humane qualities of light, volume and connection to nature. Architecture should engage the senses; buildings should make people feel good. Practising an economy of use and elevating ordinary materials through our in-house material exploration, the results are crafted and beautiful whilst effective for the long term.

Digital and manual
A lack of physical contact with materials and in-the-round perspective afforded by physical models risks a built environment that is ill-conceived, cold and detached. Model-making is vital to our craft as it ensures the human hand is present throughout our process and in our finished projects. We are motivated by the potential of combining advanced technological design and fabrication techniques with traditional and natural materials.


At Piercy&Company we recognise that designing significant new buildings and spaces comes with responsibilities not only to the people who own and use them but for the way those buildings use resources and how they impact the environment on local and global scales. We want to ensure that responsibility is embedded in how we think and the buildings we make.

We want to create buildings that tread lightly and believe that obsessively refining every element of the design results in the best, most sustainable buildings. We are known for our use of beautiful, enduring materials and seek to ensure those materials are responsibly sourced, carefully used and designed to consider reuse.

We are ISO 14001 certified and our inhouse sustainability working group has a remit to audit and improve our environmental choices at each stage of a project, aiming to meet then exceed recognised standards.


  • AJ 100 2022
  • AJ Architecture Award - Refurbishment of the Year 2018
  • BCI Award 2015
  • BD Office Architect of the Year 2018
  • BD Individual House Architect of the Year 2014
  • Blueprint Award 2014
  • Camden Design Award 2013
  • Civic Trust National Award 2017
  • FX Project of the Year 2018, 2014
  • FX Interior Design Award - Workspace Small 2018
  • Housing Design Award 2021
  • Manser Medal (Finalist) 2010
  • New London Award 2019, 2017
  • RIBA National Award 2019, 2018, 2016, 2015, 2010
  • RIBA London Award 2022, 2019, 2018, 2016, 2015, 2013
  • Schueco Awards 2015


Piercy&Company maintain a quality and environmental management system designed to meet the requirements of ISO9001:2015 & ISO14001:2015 (or any other standard in line with Annex SL Structure) in pursuit of its primary objectives, the purpose and the context of the organisation.

This quality and environmental policy provides a framework for setting, monitoring, reviewing and achieving our objectives, procedures and targets.

Please contact the studio for further information on our ISO Accreditations.

Affiliations & Sponsorships

We are proud to be involved with and support organisations across social, education and arts sectors, including:

  • BelEve
  • Yorkshire Sculpture Park
  • Architecture Foundation
  • University of Westminster
  • University College London (The Bartlett)
  • Sheffield University