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2017 Civic Trust Award Regional Finalist

2nd November

Piercy&Company are delighted to announce that Turnmill is a Regional Finalist in the 2017 Civic Trust Awards.

By approaching the design with a civic-minded perspective, Turnmill has transformed the public realm at street level, focusing on visitor experience by enlivening the ground floor level with uninterrupted active frontages to two restaurant units beyond the opening hours of the offices. The recessed office entrance responds to the pedestrian flow at ground level and prioritises the restaurant units in the streetscape.

Each office floor offers unique special spaces, adding to the personality of the building and echoing the expressive informalities of a characterful old building. Turnmill’s curves and inset central glazed link create more informal and varied internal spaces, allowing bespoke and adaptable workspace fit for a present day creative hub.

Speculative commercial architecture can be unforgiving but Turnmill demonstrates the idea that this typology can play an important civic role in the townscape.

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