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Travertine Quarry, Tivoli

12th January

Piercy&Company's final studio trip of 2015 was to Pacifici's Travertine Quarry, Tivoli, to select the travertine for The Copyright Building.

Oniciato travertine will clad the building's façade and the beautiful material will continue internally, throughout the lobby and ground floor gallery spaces, lining the walls and floor.

The stone was chosen for its onyx content, unique wave pattern and natural variance, qualities that cannot be replicated with manufactured materials.

The desired range of visually unique, hand-selected panels will be cut from around 30 different travertine blocks, individually chosen by the project team.

In the coming months the project team will compose the individual façade panels by dry laying the entire building façade in Italy prior to its arrival on site in Central London, where the travertine will be hand set.

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