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Winners of Best International & Worldwide Project 2015

19th November

Piercy&Company is pleased to announce that Turnmill was awarded Best International & Worldwide Project last night at the Brick Awards 2015.

The annual Brick Awards recognise excellence in design and construction using brick, issuing 14 trophies to successful projects each year. The judges commented that:

"The subtlety of the building and its deceptive simplicity and avoidance of visible movement joints show the depth of thought in the design of this building.This building is a testament to a successful and fruitful relationship between designer and developer."

Turnmill was crafted from Petersen 'Kolumba' bricks - a beautiful handmade Danish brick, each bearing the thumbprint of its maker. The elongated Roman format bricks are in three tones, custom mixed to match the tones of the Old Sessions House opposite, connecting the building with its setting. The curved building corners plus the complex chamfer arrangement of the window reveals required the use of an array of special brick shapes which were also individually handmade using special timber moulds to create the curved and angled forms.

See: Turnmill

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