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Bloomberg Default


Design guidelines using design as a cultural vocabulary to immediately connect all employees and visitors to the Bloomberg values.

Bloomberg Default

Analysing Bloomberg's core values and workplace behaviours first-hand, we developed a set of global design principles to guide the character, materiality and function of workplaces across a global network of offices. The objective: to use design as a cultural vocabulary to immediately connect all employees and visitors to Bloomberg values of transparency, people centricity, collaboration and impact.

Our new design guidelines for Bloomberg ensure an ambitious design standard for their smaller offices, improving the design quality and brand adhesion of their spaces whilst developing the consistency and speed in which these spaces are realised.

The development of the “Default” Guidelines followed an in depth client workshop process; interviewing and testing options with representatives from HR, Marketing, events, operations, facilities management, philanthropy and sustainability departments globally. The resulting ‘Default’ sets the look and feel, and functionality for 7 distinct zones which typically comprise a Bloomberg office. Within these zones, detailed design for 30 separate design components and subcomponents are provided, alongside typical details and shell finishes.

Core to the Bloomberg spatial identity is the front of house and refreshment function termed 'The Pantry', which acts as the beating heart of each of Bloomberg's workspaces. The design of this and the ancillary spaces was core to unlocking the project.

Default led to our engagement for a second project with Bloomberg: ‘Retreat Suite’. This project provided the look and feel for 3 dedicated wellness rooms within BLP offices; guided by the principles of biophilia, artwork and local input, circadian rhythms and relief from blue light exposure.



Project Team

  • Piercy&Co, Design Guidelines
  • Realm, Prototype Joinery