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Boston Consulting Group HQ

Boston Consulting Group

A landscape for creative thought.

Boston Consulting Group HQ
Boston Consulting Group

As one of the world’s leading strategy houses, BCG works globally to solve complex societal and business challenges. Within this context of anticipating future change, Piercy&Company was commissioned to create a London HQ for the consulting group that could give both a strong sense of place and the capacity to flex and change over time.

Drawing inspiration from BCG's own practices, we spent six months embedded in their existing offices, working with the deceptively simple question of "where do people do their best work?". Both client and architect recognised that alongside this ran the need to anticipate change; in terms of working practices as well as future responsibilities. The resulting scheme - based around themes of variety, comfort, flexibility and community - responds holistically and extensively to these challenges, pushing the bounds of what’s possible in order to truly reflect the BCG ethos.

The floorplates in 80 Charlotte Street are close to football pitch size – and we recognised early the need to approach the design as more akin to landscape than architecture. Vistas, order, variation and surprise became principles for spatial organisation, encouraging clear lines of sight across spaces. New openings introduced light and visual connection between floors including a dramatic spiral staircase which - as the principal connection between the key social spaces - acts as the cultural heart of the office. 

We sought to ground BCG’s workspace in the local area, focussing on detail that would connect it to its location in Fitzrovia, the home of pioneering furniture makers, Heals and Maple&Co, who championed principles of 'manufactured craft'.  Offices and meeting rooms were designed as a kit of parts in a manner similar to system furniture, allowing them to be rapidly re-configured and adapted to suit future ways of working. 

The success of the project can be seen in the post-occupancy analysis of the employee workplace experience by Leesman, rating higher than any other UK workplace in the 2022 Survey.


Boston Consulting Group
Fitzrovia, London
Gross Floor Area:
157,000 sq ft


  • BD Interior Architect of the Year 2023
  • FX Workspace Environment Award 2023
  • Leesman+ Certification 2022

Project Team

  • Overbury PLC, Building Contractor
  • Waterman Group, Structural Engineer
  • Troup, Bywaters & Anders, Services Engineer
  • Core 5, Quantity Surveyor
  • Gardiner & Theobald, Project Management
  • PTS Global, AV Consultant
  • Barton Willmore, Landscape Designer


  • Photography: Jack Hobhouse, Charles Hosea, Alex Jackson