Fora Reading Co-Working

Fora Reading Co-Working

Located within the lower three floors of the recently refurbished Thames Tower, the completion of Fora Reading marks the expansion of Fora’s co-working brand outside of London. At Fora Reading, we took Fora’s brief of blending premium hotel-style service with innovative technology, and applied their approach of crafting coherent to read, easy to inhabit and intuitive to use spaces. 

A distinctive red steel stair links to a lounge on the first floor that overlooks the main building reception with a core wall that is lit to display curated pieces of art, orientating the approach to offices and open desks. Two lounges and kitchens on the second floor offer views out over the city and neighbouring square and provide informal collaborative and breakout space to the office floor.

Careful consideration of adjacencies of use and acoustic compatibility of different space uses guided the layout - noisy, social spaces are distanced from quiet focussed places. Throughout the design process, the focus always came back to the individual’s experience and their ability to move to suit their specific task. With productivity a key pillar to Fora’s ethos, the overall acoustic performance of spaces was a crucial aspect of the design. Danish fabric curtains and ceiling rafts with sound masking technologies create a range of acoustic characteristics throughout the space ranging from more lively lounges through to hushed phone booths.


  • Client: Fora/Brockton Capital
  • Location: Reading, UK
  • Type: Interior Design
  • Gross Floor Area: 27,700 sqft
Fora Reading Co-Working
Fora Reading Co-Working

We often think about offices like internal landscapes where your task determines the environment you want to be in. With Fora the key was to make the journey around the spaces engaging and also to provide choice of characters of workspace.

Stuart Piercy

Fora Reading Co-Working
Fora Reading Co-Working

We are really excited to be opening our first workspace outside of London. Piercy&Company has supported our focus on creating a beautiful, design-led work space, which is an entirely new kind of flexible workspace offering for the Reading and wider Western Corridor market. 

Katrina Larkin, co-founder and head of experience at Fora

Fora Reading Co-Working

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