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One Millennium Bridge

Angelo Gordon & Beltane Asset Management

With a rich context between St Paul's and the River Thames, this deep retrofit is highly sustainable whilst resolving complex site issues.

One Millennium Bridge
Angelo Gordon & Beltane Asset Management

The redevelopment of One Millennium Bridge will provide 293,585sqft GIA of B1 class office space along with 26,177sqft GIA of new complementary A class uses and 27,200sqft of rooftop gardens.

The architectural response draws upon the site’s rich context - the dockside heritage of the River Thames to the south and the Baroque architectural context of St Paul’s and St Mary Somerset to the north - whilst resolving complex infrastructure issues and prioritising high levels of sustainability, including the retention of much of the existing structural frame.

The design of the building responds sensitively to the townscape context of St Paul’s Cathedral and St Mary Somerset Church through its calm overall appearance and a richness in detail. Natural limestone is used to create a high quality, calm and timeless appearance to the building’s primary facade elements.

Using circular economy, carbon reduction and the resource efficiency principles of reusing the existing structural frame, the project aims to achieve BREEAM Excellent and a 61% reduction in Carbon emissions over baseline Building Regulations requirements.

An innovative and energy efficient approach to heat recovery and thermal storage reduces the amount of rooftop plant required to service the building, creating an all electric solution that maximises the area available for rooftop gardens. This creates an attractive environment that encourages biodiversity, attenuates rainwater and reduces the urban heat island effect. The 2,527sqm rooftop landscape designed with Andy Sturgeon Design, includes a 375sqm freely publicly accessible terrace and 570sqm publicly accessible restaurant terrace which maximise urban greening and external amenity space with new views over the River Thames and north to St Paul’s.


Angelo Gordon & Beltane Asset Management
City of London
Gross Floor Area:
Planning Consented

Project Team

  • Buro Four, Project Manager
  • Gerald Eve, Planning Consultant
  • Andy Sturgeon Design, Landscape Designer
  • Leslie Clarke, Cost Consultant
  • Donald Insall Associates, Heritage Consultant
  • Heyne Tillett Steel, Structural Engineer
  • Norman Disney and Young, Building Services Engineer
  • LCA, Community Engagement Consultant
  • FMDC, Facade Consultant
  • Point 2 Surveyors, Daylight & Sunlight
  • WYG, Transport Consultants
  • EQ2 Light, Specialist Lighting
  • Proudlock Associates, DDA Consultants
  • Greengage, Environmental Consultant


  • INK, Digital Imagery
  • The Boundary, Digital Imagery