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Piercy&Company's First Short Film

18th October

Piercy&Company filmed throughout the three weeks spent hand-making 184 porcelain husks for the Kiehl's Flagship Store installation. Filmmaker Darron Lilley captured vignettes of the process, from the digital CNC’ing of the mould positive, through casting the plaster moulds and then slip casting, firing and glazing the porcelain husks. The film, title 'One-Eight-Four', concludes with the piece installed in the Kiehl’s Since 1851 storefront on Regent Street.

The film reflects Piercy&Company’s burgeoning interest in the use of film as a non-static medium to trace the construction processes and material provenance of a building. Following this pilot project, the studio plans to scale up and follow some of its larger projects through the territory between design and finished product, experimenting with an impressionistic, rather than purely documentary, language.

The project formed part of the RIBA Regent Street Window 2016 programme and was awarded ‘Best Design’.

Watch: 'One-Eight-Four', Vimeo

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