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Piercy&Company starts at King's Cross

14th March

Piercy&Company has joined the list of prominent architects already working on the eight million sqft development at King's Cross following their appointment to the project by King's Cross Central Limited Partnership.

Piercy&Company are working on two residential buildings at Plot R8, in the North Eastern sector of the Allies and Morrison masterplan. Totaling around 153,000 sqft, the buildings are earmarked for a mix of market and affordable housing with approximately 40,000 sqft of Small Business, Retail and Estate Management Suite accommodation at ground floor.

Work has commenced with a collaborative phase between Piercy&Company and Duggan Morris Architects who have recently been appointed to the adjacent Plot R7. The two practices are currently investigating the relationship between the two plots to ensure a sensitive interface between Piercy&Company’s residential buildings and a commercial building by Duggan Morris Architects.

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