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Drury Lane


A residential scheme in Covent Garden combining retained historic façades with new infill elements arranged around a central courtyard.

Drury Lane

Taking inspiration from the densely layered urban character of Covent Garden, this residential and retail scheme for Helical Bar combines retained historic façades with new infill elements. Four distinct buildings are arranged around a central courtyard, keeping the character and grain of an urban block.

Piercy&Company’s early design strategy has been to subdivide the site on east/west and north/south axis. The east and west buildings reference the historic and theatrical narrative of Covent Garden, with expressive ‘draped’ cast stone panels facing Drury Lane and subtly decorated window reveals on Arne Street. On the north/south axis, the north facing building has a robust brick warehouse quality reflecting the unadorned character of Covent Garden’s back streets. To the south, the existing historic façades on the corner of Drury Lane and Dryden Street will be retained.


Covent Garden, London
Gross Floor Area:
121,370 sqft
Planning consent April 2016

Project Team

  • GVA Second London Wall, Project Manager
  • Elliott Wood, Structural Engineer
  • Mecserve, Services Engineer
  • DP9, Planning Consultants


  • Jack Hobhouse, Model Photography