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Isabel de la Mora at ARQfestival!

12th October

Representing Piercy&Company, Senior Architect Isabel de la Mora will be a speaker at this year's ARQfestival, Mexico. The event brings together 8 specialist architects from different fields for a two day conference to celebrate international architecture.

Passionate about design, new technologies and traditional manufacturing processes, Isabel will be presenting a variety of Piercy&Company’s current and recently completed projects in her lecture ‘Constraints vs. Art, Crafts & Technology’ on Friday 14th October.

ARQfestival runs from 13th - 14th October 2016 at the Teatro Diana, Guadalajara, Jalisco.

See: Drayton Green Church; Turnmill; Two Tabernacle Street; Wakefield Street Townhouses; King's Cross R8; Kew House; Kiehl's Flagship Store

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