Seeking Talented Architects

Seeking Talented Architects

1st February 2016

We are currently looking for senior and recently qualified architects to join our growing studio.

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Architect of the Year Awards 2016

Architect of the Year Awards 2016

21st January 2016

Piercy&Company has been shortlisted for Office Architect of the Year in this year's BD Architect of the Year Awards.

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Travertine Quarry, Tivoli

Travertine Quarry, Tivoli

12th January 2016

Piercy&Company's final studio trip of 2015 was to Pacifici's Travertine Quarry, Tivoli, to select the travertine for The Copyright Building.

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Winners of Best International & Worldwide Project 2015

Winners of Best International & Worldwide Project 2015

19th November 2015

Piercy&Company are proud to announce that Turnmill was awarded Best International & Worldwide Project last night, at the Brick Awards 2015.

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Kew House, RIBA House of the Year?

Kew House, RIBA House of the Year?

3rd November 2015

The first episode of Grand Designs: House of the Year airs tomorrow, Wednesday 4th November at 9:00pm.

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FX Award Shortlist 'UK Project of 2015'

FX Award Shortlist 'UK Project of 2015'

22nd September 2015

Two Tabernacle Street has been shortlisted for UK Project of 2015 in this year's FX International Interior Design Awards.

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Covent Garden Residential Scheme

Covent Garden Residential Scheme

11th September 2015

Piercy&Company has revealed proposals for the redevelopment of a city block on Drury Lane for Helical Bar.

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Blueprint Awards Shortlist

Blueprint Awards Shortlist

25th August 2015

Turnmill has been shortlisted for Best Non-Public Use Project (Commercial) in this year's Blueprint Awards.

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Brick Awards Shortlist for Turnmill

Brick Awards Shortlist for Turnmill

27th July 2015

Turnmill has been shortlisted for Best International & Worldwide Project in this year's 39th annual Brick Awards.

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